Sometimes you find yourself in the company of people who are not fully disclosing their intentions, or it occurs to you that they bring an undisclosed agenda to the conversation. Another way of saying this is that the person appears to you as “inauthentic.” This tends to evoke resentment in you. You may be drawn to react and point it out to the person.

Living a new language for life and standing in a place of oneness of being, you are present to the silence. Then, a person’s inauthenticity does not mean anything. It stops rattling you. It stops having a grip on you.

Being centered in your commitment to life, you come to realize that this is really between them and God.

It is just all talk, and you can’t hear what they say.

The essence of a person’s being knows. It is a knowing without saying. Whether they say it aloud and come forth inside of that knowing is their choice.

Pointing it out or exposing a person’s inauthenticity is just another way of being self-righteous and brings you back into the default language for life. You would be functioning at the same level as what you are criticizing.

It is not your job as a spiritual person to reveal other people’s inauthenticity. Pointing it out is not going to change anything about what is unfolding in a person’s life. These people are on their own journey, and you can now just let them be.

By letting them be, you are free to be.


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