Living a new language for life allows you to explore the possibility of happiness beyond the way it is.

Happiness in our default language for life lives for us in a future that exists “out there” independently from us and occurs as a permanent state that we strive for. We believe that it is through things external to ourselves that we can reach happiness. We experience at times a void and become sad when we long for a lost happiness in a past that as such does not exist except for in our familiar language for life. Unhappiness then becomes our constant companion and overcoming it our main concern. In our present moments we say we are happy, “because of.” When we are happy, happiness comes to us unexpectedly and when we are least seeking it.

The occurrence of happiness in the default language for life is different than the one occurring in a new language for life. In a space of separateness to life, you strive for happiness and you believe happiness is found outside of yourself. In a space of connectedness to life, where you are one with being, happiness comes to you naturally as a presence.

Living the possibility of a new language for life allows you to shift your notion of happiness to a more wholesome experience of life.

In a new language for life, you transcend the duality of happiness and misery and come into a state of profound well-being and bliss. In a new language for life, you step into a reality beyond suffering.


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