When you live The Choice, everything changes. You realize that your focus has been on pursuing pleasure. However, when you live The Choice, life directs you toward fulfillment, and interrupts the language you use that prevents you from being fulfilled.how to improve your life, how to improve your life in 24 hours, how to improve your life and be happy, louis koster, a new language for life

A life that revolves around the pursuit of pleasure is reactive, because you must depend on the circumstances in your life to bring you pleasure or fulfillment. The tendency is to try to control those circumstances, which can make you controlling, domineering, and manipulative.

When you live The Choice, you enjoy a new sense of satisfaction regardless of what the circumstances in your life may be. That is true fulfillment.

Ten Ways A Commitment To Being Happy, Reenergizes Your Sense Of Fulfillment:

  1. You don’t need other people’s validation
  2. You create a new dance with life
  3. You are being fulfilled in your relationships
  4. You find your way home again
  5. You are no longer consumed by worry and guilt
  6. You are being a guardian of being
  7. You have no more need to be excessive
  8. You aim for goals that are more wholesome
  9. You are embracing life fully
  10. You make your daily life your class room


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