Sometimes when dealing with people you love, you have to let go of your self-righteousness and trust the unfolding of life, even if you see disaster on the horizon. Sometimes you have to let it go and realize that this is their spiritual journey.

Telling someone about the unfolding is not going to make any difference. People can’t be told or shown the truth in its essence. People need to move through their spiritual journey themselves. However, you can trust that there is something in a person’s essence that knows. What the person does with that knowledge is really up to him or her.

The gift is to allow a person to be in the unfolding circumstances of his or her life. This is where a person can grow uninterrupted.

The gift is to listen and let someone be. The gift is letting go of the “I” that wants to interfere, control, give advice, or express an opinion. You now notice that when “I” is transparent, the natural tendency is to let things be. Then something remarkable and unexpected happens. By allowing others to be, you create an opening for them to be free to be, and in that opening, the opportunity may arise for them to create a new dance for life.

Your journey is trusting who you are and allowing others to have their own unfolding in life.


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