A New Language for Life: Happy No Matter What!

Dr Louis Koster’s core message — that we are all called to a higher awareness — is at the heart of all his work. He deeply believes that awakening to a higher awareness is possible and available for anyone who has a strong commitment to spiritual growth and development.

A New Framework for Living

People have forgotten who they really are. When we are caught up in our circumstances, we lose our sense of presence. We forget who we really are. We do not just lose our sense of presence, we no longer know what we have lost. We then get entangled in our occurring reality. The solutions we bring to our loss of freedom, our loss of self-expression, and sense of presence, often further alienate us from our true nature and the source of life.

Making a commitment to being happy, no matter what, reminds you of who you really are, since happiness is your innate nature. A commitment to being happy allows you to be true to yourself, since your true nature is happiness. A New Language for Life reminds you of who you really are.

A New Language for Life is a new framework to think from that allows you to empower yourself in life, and discover your own truth. It is a unique approach to living a life of being true to yourself, experiencing enduring happiness, and manifesting your true intentions in life.

A New Language for Life allows you to restore your trust in life, and develop a capacity to see beyond the horizon you are looking at—in particular when you find yourself stuck in life.

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