Living the possibility of a new language for life, you come to realize that the secret to happiness is found in a passage to oneness.

The secret to happiness is found in the shift from a state of separateness to a state of oneness.

When you live The Choice and The Insight as a daily practice, then at some point in your explorations, when you least expect it, happiness, a sense of well-being and wholeness, peace and harmony become self-evident in your experience of life. You now truly realize that oneness is the way.

You are then awakened to what you always knew, but simply have forgotten.

You are awakened to the child-like awe that you once were and life was just beautiful. You have come home to a paradise that was lost on you and you always cherished the memory of, but were unable to give presence to.

You are awakened to what your spirit always knew was there, but lost its presence of in the middle of the circumstances of your busy life.

You are awakened to the presence of life. You are present to the simplicity and the clarity of life. You are present to the beauty of life. You have discovered a place where only poetry seems to capture life in its beauty.

Once you are present to it, you know it.

Once you are in a state of oneness, then oneness becomes a way of living your life. You now realize that oneness is the way.

You now realize that oneness is the way, both the way of oneness, as well as a way to come into the expression of oneness.

Oneness is the way.

I love you,


About Dr Louis Koster

“If you really want to test your spiritual beliefs, try being a medical doctor in war zones.”

Louis Koster MD, a distinguished humanitarian, served for over ten years as a medical doctor for Doctors Without Borders, The International Committee of The Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations in trouble spots around the globe. He worked in war zones in Bosnia, the Sudan, Angola, Liberia, with Afghan refugees in Pakistan, and Cuban refugees in Guantanamo Bay. He realized that his work had dealt with obvious life and death situations. He felt a compelling urge to address matters of life and death that were not so obvious. He realized that finding that authentic core in oneself and accessing it through one’s own language was urgent, it was a matter of life and death. He made a commitment to be a lifelong student of what sets the human spirit free from its self-imposed limitations.

He has been involved as a spiritual teacher and medical doctor in the self-help industry for over 20 years and has developed a number of skills in helping people to awaken to their true nature and live inspired lives. His mission is to show you what is possible through awakening.

Here Is Who I Am & What I Believe

For his humanitarian efforts, Dr Koster has received numerous awards and has appeared on radio, television, and in the printed media.

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