It is one thing to live integrity as a way of oneness. It is something else all together to be one in the world and with life, when integrity at times is lacking in your environment, or is lacking with the people who are part of your life, or with whom you are dealing with.

When you come into the integrity of life, you start seeing in your environment, where and when people are lacking in integrity. How do you deal with this? How do you maintain your peace, being with what occurs in your environment as lacking in integrity?

How are you being in the world when you find yourself in an environment where there is a ceiling of integrity?

Do you become self-righteous and point out to people what you find unwholesome?  Do you become upset, because the world is not as you want it to be, or even worse, as you insist it should be?

Do you isolate yourself, or do you ignore the world and only associate yourself with people who you say have integrity?

How do you deal with people when what they say is not authentic to the possibility of what they are saying? How do you deal with people when they have an agenda and they are not fully disclosing their intentions when they approach you? How do you deal with people when the story they tell about what happened in their lives obscures and reveals where they are not taking responsibility for in their lives?

There is no integrity, where oneness is lacking.

How do you bring oneness to what is lacking in integrity? How are you being one with the integrity of life, when you know that trying to change a person or insist that someone changes their ways in the world, is not going to make any difference?

How to be one with the integrity of life, when you know that engaging with what occurs as unwholesome takes you away from oneness and you ultimately become the demon that you are fighting.

Staying true to your commitment to oneness first is what makes a difference. Returning to peacefulness, first, is your priority. When you stay true to your commitment to oneness first, and you stay away from judging, engaging, or interfering, you then allow for oneness in relationship to what you find unwholesome, and what descends on you and what comes into presence is grace.

Grace is where you allow a person to be and the possibility of oneness comes to language. Grace is where you are one with life when integrity is lacking.

Grace is, where you are the space of what is lacking, and oneness comes into presence. Grace is where your mere presence is what makes all the difference.

Ultimately, your mere presence of not engaging, being open and coming into grace with a person or a situation that is unwholesome, is what makes a difference.

Grace is a silent gift, a gift that bears no witness.

Grace is a silence that honors the dignity of the human spirit. Grace allows for a silence where the being of the person knows what is true and not true to being, when you just let them be, you are not engaging with the person’s self-importance, agree, or disagree with their story, or be judgmental.

Grace is allowing for oneness, where integrity is lacking.

Grace as a way of oneness is staying silent when you know that saying anything would not make any difference.

Grace as a way of oneness allows you to relate to the essence of a person, rather than dwelling on the way they are.

Grace as a way of oneness allows you to engage with someone from the possibility of oneness and be their champion, rather than being self-righteous about the way they are.

Grace as a way of oneness is allowing the people in your life to be, even if you disagree with them, or find their actions lacking in integrity.

Grace as a way of oneness is forgiving people, when you find that their actions are unwholesome, or are not authentic to what they are saying.

Grace as a way of oneness is being kind to people and not expect anything in return.

Grace is the ultimate place, where you are at peace with life, and you don’t mind what happens.

I am not saying to leave untouched what you find unwholesome in life. I am saying that if you do decide to take on the world in what you find unwholesome, you pick your fights wisely. Sun Tzu said in 600 BC in The Art of War, “He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.”

Coming into grace is coming into the wisdom of life.

Grace is where true wisdom reveals itself. Wisdom is knowing when to speak and when to stay silent. Wisdom is knowing when to act, and when to stay still in the silence of your knowing.

True wisdom is a knowing that allows you to be one with life. True wisdom is the integrity of life speaking to you. In true wisdom you don’t know how you know, but you know that what you know, makes a difference. Wisdom cannot be explained, because it is in reference to the whole.  Any explanation makes wisdom ugly.

True wisdom is always in reference of the whole, and ultimately is in reverence for life.

Coming into divine grace is coming into the oneness of life. Coming into grace, you are in touch with, and touched by the divine source that created you.

Coming into grace, you are grateful for anything that life offers you and comes your way. Coming into grace, the oneness of life touches you on the shoulders and you are blessed by oneness.

In true grace, you are humble and in awe of the universe, and you recognize that nothing is of you, and everything is of oneness. In grace, the song of oneness carries you on a journey of infinity, and the presence of oneness is what guides you on your journey.

Grace is the ultimate way of spiritual realization with the oneness of life. Grace is the ultimate way that awakens human consciousness to a higher level of oneness.

Grace is the ultimate way of oneness.

I love you,


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