Being in the presence of the oneness of life, a window to life opens and you are present to the beauty of life. You are present to the beauty of how everything is connected to everything else and to the simplicity of life.

You are present to life being fundamentally good. You are in awe and wonder of life.

Once the veil of life is lifted, life is simple. You realize that there is nothing to do. There is just being.

You may just be working in the garden and you are in wonder about what is hiding as a kingdom of life underneath a rock that you just lifted up. You see a little bug, and suddenly you are in awe about its life, its complexity; how it is integrated in the environment; how the bug is connected to you and how you are connected to everything else in the garden.

Living the possibility of a new language for life, you have the experience that you have shed something. You are present to a “lightness of being.” You reclaim an excitement for life that you had somehow forgotten, but always knew that it was there, as part of who you really are.


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