When you live the possibility of a new language for life, you experience a new freedom to be.

This newly acquired “freedom to be” does not mean that you now are ignoring your humanity or that you have lost your humanity. On the contrary! You are fully accepting and embracing of your humanity, and you bring grace to those aspects of yourself that tend to limit you in life and displace your attention at times.

Sometimes you wake up in the morning inside of the noise of “I” that wants to lure you back into its siren song. You realize that a new language for life is not a permanent state that you find yourself in, and you don’t have to give it any further thought to keep it alive.

Life throws challenges at you, which may displace your attention.

You know that things will happen in your life that will shift your energy, but how you pick yourself up inside of these circumstances is how you expand and grow as a human being. That is your training; that is your growth.

You now realize that the little things that sometimes tick you off are gifts to you, to return to a space of compassion, generosity, kindness, understanding, and connectedness to life.

Be compassionate with yourself. Allow your humanity to make mistakes. Realize that making mistakes is the only way that you can master a new capacity. The recognition of your humanity is your passage to a new language for life. It may happen a hundred times during the day that you have to pull yourself up, but so what! You do it because your commitment to life is bigger than your “stuckness”!

So what if you had a difficult moment! You managed to pick yourself up.

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