Sometimes when you find ourselves in a state of noise, it is helpful to remind yourself of the insight that nothing has the inherent capacity to make you happy or unhappy and you realize that people or things don’t “cause” you to be upset. You realize that there is nothing inherent about triggers that upset you.

Bringing this insight to the noise that consumes you is like a pinprick that bursts the bubble of what has a hold on you and keeps you stuck. Suddenly you are thrown back into a place of openness, where you now can take responsibility for your experience of life.

You are thrown back into a place of perspective. You are now observant of the noise, rather than being it. It is in this subtle difference where you find yourself with more of a freedom to be, and you discover what you can take responsibility for.

In this opening of perspective, what may actually get revealed to you are your beliefs and assumptions that you brought to the situation. It may be that you brought a simple expectation to a situation which, you now realize, set you up for an upset. It may have been a comfort that you experienced that got interrupted by an unexpected turn of events. You realize that you may actually have said or done something that was not entirely wholesome.

You are now in a place of openness and readiness to act, where appropriate action comes naturally to you.

You may now decide to offer an apology to someone or express taking responsibility for something that you said or did, or undertake some action that restores the wholeness of your being and your connectedness to life.

You are becoming a person of practical wisdom.


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