Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation in which the “I” feels diminished. It may be something that someone said; the person may be sharing who they know, what they do, or whatever it is that tells you they are now very special and they occur to you as radiating self-importance. The “I” feels diminished or invalidated. Your tendency would be to respond to this with a strong emotion, by making a point or by challenging and invalidating what the person just said to you.

I am not talking about requesting people to treat you with respect. I am talking about the little things that people can say unexpectedly that can tick you off, and you then allow your space of peace and centeredness to be displaced.

Realize that the source of your anger is not what the person said but is the “I” that feels diminished. Just think about it. It is the perfect moment for the “I” to assert itself and lure you into a place of self-righteousness or invalidating the other person. You can also build a story about what the person said to you and why you feel the way you feel. You can then add more drama to it by sharing your story with other people and have other people agree with you.

What you are responding to is not what the person said, but you are responding to the “I” that feels diminished or invalidated.

So what if the “I” feels diminished!

So what if what if they get away with it!

You can stand it. You are not going to die or fall apart when “I” feels diminished. Who you really are is not going to be destroyed by the “I” feeling diminished.

What a freedom, to realize that who you really are is not touched by the diminishment of “I”!

What a freedom to realize that you can now live your life independent of the good opinion of other people, and you can now focus on what really matters in your life!

You now realize that diminishment of “I” just reminds you of who you really are. It is the language of the universe talking to you in letting you know that you are not the “I” that we tend to identify with.

Diminishment of “I” is a true gift from life that we can now embrace as a reminder of who we really are!

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