A New Language for Life, A New Way of Connecting to Life

In living the possibility of a new language for life, you will have noticed a gentle shift from our default language for life towards a more wholesome and inclusive language for life. You have moved away from a language for life where “I” is who you are and gives you a past, a future and the illusion of causality. You now are adopting a language for life where “I” is no longer limiting who you are and what is possible in your life. You have released yourself from suffering and struggle. Lifting the veil of “I,” you are awakened to the oneness of being. You are awakened to the oneness of life. Dr Louis Koster https://www.louiskoster.com/free-ebook

You could say that the essence of a new language for life is being free to be, no matter what the circumstances of your life are.

When you find yourself stuck or caught in a language for life that consumes your being, realize that your first priority and concern is to return to being centered in a new language for life.

Your intention is to free yourself up from what consumes your attention and be at peace with it.

Your intention is to step into a new dance for life that leaves you free to be and restores your connectedness to life.

Any other response, like blaming, fault-finding, looking for explanations, or finding excuses, will not set you free and will keep you further stuck.

The chart supports you when you get distracted by events happening in your life and helps you to stay anchored in a new language for life. It helps you not to get drawn into the deception of “I.”

How seductive it is at times to move back into the language of “I”!


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