When you trust life, you stop resisting the interruptions in your life. Interruptions may not be comfortable. They may not be what you wanted in that moment. They interrupt the way things are, and thereby your comfort.

Living a new language for life, you now start to recognize that the interruptions of life reveal the next level, where you are asked to expand your capacity to be with the things in your life.

When you trust life, the interruptions of life become the beacons on your life journey that give you direction and guidance in the unfolding of your life in a way that is purposeful and meaningful. They allow you to grow spiritually.

Living a new language for life, you now don’t mind what happens in your life. You don’t mind the interruptions in your life.

The interruptions of life seen in this light are the language of the universe talking to you and are an opportunity for you to be more compassionate, more inclusive, and more forgiving towards yourself and others, thereby expanding your capacity for wholeness.

You are raising the level of integrity in relationship to life. You are becoming more wholesome and inclusive of life. In expanding your capacity to be with life, you teach yourself the wholeness of life.


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