When you decide to move away from conversations full of gossip and complaining, you may go through a period of time when you notice that you have nothing to say. This is perfectly all right. You may find yourself attending meetings at work or your usual get-together with the mothers at your child’s school, and you suddenly realize that you don’t know what to say in people’s company.

Sometimes what you don’t say empowers you. You are moving away from “I”-generated conversations that tend to undermine, complain, create self-importance, or worse, self-invalidation and victimhood. You are in the listening stage of learning a new language for life. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid by the silence that you are now present to.

In the silence of the conversation, you now develop a capacity to let people be, and you refrain from any judgment. You do not allow yourself to get hooked in conversations that displace your centeredness.

In the silence of the conversation, you are now developing a capacity to stay centered in a new language for life and generate yourself inside of new conversations that are contributing, elicit interest in something new, are wholesome, or may call forth someone’s passion about something in life.

You are now generating yourself inside of life.

You may stumble a few times, like learning a new language, but you are no longer afraid to practice and make mistakes.

In a new language for life, you generate yourself inside of new conversations.


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