A New Language For Life is how you express yourself when you bring oneness of being to language in each and every situation in your life.

A New Language For Life is a language that arises from your essence once you know who you are – once you know that you are not the character in a dream, but are the dreamer.

As long as you live someone else’s dream, you are a slave to their imagination.

In A New Language For Life you have a sense that anything is possible. In A New Language For Life you are the dreamer and no one can take away your dream. In A New Language For Life you can be anything you choose.

My name is Dr Louis Koster, a humanitarian, visionary, and self-help spiritual teacher. I have been concerned about personal growth for over twenty years, ever since I had a speech impediment that I could not get rid of and I felt limited in my options.

I chose for a career in medicine and decided to spend my time working with the poor and people in need of assistance. I worked in Bosnia during the civil war. With Cuban refugees in Guantanamo Bay, with refugees from Afghanistan during the civil war in Afghanistan. I helped energize healthcare in war-torn Liberia. I was in charge of a surgical unit in South-East Angola during the civil war. For these I have received humanitarian awards.

When at some point in my life I discovered that the thought of stammering actually made me stammer and there was fundamentally nothing wrong with my speech, I really got interested in the nature of this reality that had me by the throat and all the things I identified myself with.

This started a journey of discovery, where I came to realize that most of my life I was a character in a dream and not the dreamer. Mostly I was a character in someone else’s dream – people’s expectations of me. I discovered that there are ways that you can apply to liberate yourself from this dream, and there are ways that do not work.

Certainly this road of returning to your true nature and seeing the truth of what is, is a treacherous road and full of land mines – in particular in this area we call the personal growth.

I have made a lot of mistakes. Some of them as big as the Himalaya. But I am here to tell you the story. I am here to share with you my journey.

I see it as my life purpose to inspire you to awaken from your dream that is holding you as a character by the throat and does not leave you to experience a lot of freedom to express yourself. I see it as my life purpose to inspire you to realize that you are the dreamer and create your own dream.

A New Language For Life is a language of dreaming that becomes available once you know who you are. It is learning to communicate in a new way – in keeping with your true nature.


Hi, Louis here, author of the inspiring book “A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What!” Click here to get a free download of the book. Thanks for checking out my blog posts. If you really want to test your spiritual beliefs, try being a medical doctor in war zones. I’ve been involved as a spiritual teacher, medical doctor and coach in the self-help industry for over 25 years and have developed a number of skills in helping people to awaken to their true nature and live inspired lives. Here Is Who I am & What I Believe.

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