Living a new language for life and always being in a state of serving and giving, you don’t expect an acknowledgment. You don’t expect anything in return. You are not waiting for your generosity of spirit to be reciprocated.

When acknowledgment does occur, it does not occur to you as a way to strengthen the “I,” but as a way to acknowledge the space of being, and as an occasion to celebrate your relationship with them. When acknowledgment does not occur after you went out of your way to support them, you are at peace with it, because you know that they are on their own journey.

In a new language for life, where you are an opening for being, you are generous with people, and you are naturally looking out for occasions to acknowledge people, since that is a way to acknowledge the space of being and gives people a sense of wholeness inside of what they are doing.

Acknowledgment also honors the space of being related and is an opportunity to celebrate life.

A new language for life allows you to be generous inside of your commitment to life. You don’t expect anything in return.

In a new language for life, you are forgiving and gracious towards people for whom acknowledgment does not occur. You are no longer immobilized by the absence of something.


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