Sometimes when things are working well in your life, in your own business, at work, or in your relationships, the unexpected occurs. How do you respond and avoid being immobilized by what is happening?

When you think things are going well and you settle into the way it is, there is a breakdown the universe throws at you, to see how you handle it. Your sense of permanency is interrupted.

How easy it is to get attached to the way things are!

At some point in my medical practice, a nurse who worked for me for many years made the unexpected announcement that she had decided to retire in a few months. She was a very good nurse, and we worked well as a team. Retirement from her career as a nurse meant that she could explore other avenues in life. Living the possibility of a new language for life, she came to a place where she wanted to choose something other than a forty-plus-year nursing career. Here it was! In my support for her to be great in life and pursue her dreams, she had decided to leave the practice and do something else. I now had to look for another nurse.

When you are standing in the possibility of a new language for life, you stop resisting what is happening, but in fact embrace and fully respect a person’s choice, whatever that choice is. In fact, you could be a person’s champion in supporting him or her to step into a new opening for life.

Are you willing to give up your attachment to the way it is?

When you return to trusting life, you can let go of your attachments to what you are used to and what is working for you. You are present to an incredible sense of peace, knowing that things are going to be all right. You are present to a sense of appreciation for the contribution that the person who was part of your life has been making. You are present to the gift that the person was in your life. You can let go.

In trusting life, you embrace the breakdown, rather than resisting it. You let go of the “I” that is resisting, manipulating towards a different outcome, or “awfulizing” about what is happening. In being free from your attachments, you are now an opening for life, where you take full responsibility for your experience of life. Rather than being stuck with the way it is, you are now present to possibility, and there is now the opportunity to manifest something new in your life.

Living the possibility of a new language for life, you embrace people’s choices.


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