How do you respond when you discover things about people that are either embarrasing, unexpected, or inauthentic?

A new language for life reveals being, and therefore reveals what is and what isn’t. Things become clear, not from a position of judgment or criticism, but from a place of oneness being, which allows you to be present. Being present, you are present to what is.

A new language for life leaves you in a process of revealing. It reveals what is and what isn’t—what is authentic and what is not authentic in life. It reveals where people are in life.

This now comes naturally to you.

You don’t have to do anything with this new awareness. You can just let it be in the silence of your knowing. Knowing what is, you don’t have to confront it or rub what you are present to in a person’s face.

You now realize that the people in your life are on their own spiritual journey. It is your journey to be compassionate and let others be.


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