We all wake up in the morning with stuff that does not leave our mind, no matter what we tell ourselves, or how we look at it. This morning was one of these mornings for me. I could ask myself the question, “Is what is occupying my mind true?” If the answer were  “No,” and it keeps on persisting in my awareness, then where do I go with this? How can I stop being consumed by what is catching my attention? How can I find peace?

Firstly, by letting it be. When I stop resisting what occurs in my awareness, I am no longer the experience, but I become the awareness of what I am experiencing. I become the silence that contains the noise. In doing so, I am not ignoring what is happening within me, I am not suppressing it, but I am just letting it be.

We do not often realize that what we experience and the awareness of what we experience are one. They are inseparable. Engaging with what we are experiencing, only reinforces our awareness of what we are present to, and tends to amplify it. This is the conundrum of human consciousness. Engaging with one component of our awareness, which inextricably is related to the other component, only keeps it persisting in our awareness.

By giving attention to what is in front of us, it grows in our awareness. We grant life by focusing on it. What we experience is the shadow of our awareness. We misguide ourselves by interacting with our shadow, expecting that it will change us, or the experience we are having.  Our hand moves the shadow. The shadow does not move the hand.

Most of our issues are not so much caused by what happens in our lives, but by what they evoke in us that shapes our awareness, i.e. it is the way we respond to them that shapes how we view ourselves, and how we view the world. Often times we are jerked around in our awareness by random thoughts, by left-overs of unfinished conversations in our lives.  How we respond to what occurs in our awareness is what actually determines the quality of our lives.

We cannot change what we experience, we can only shift in our awareness. By shifting our language, we can change our world.

Why not choose for language that actually empowers you? Why not without suppressing what is occurring for you, shift your attention to something else, to language that actually evokes a sense of well-being, and inspires you?  Awareness is not linear. When you dwell in language that is inspiring, you shift in your awareness, which has you respond differently to the world around you, and how the world responds to you.

For example, you may belief that you are not good enough, or are not able to find a job, are not able to obtain a level of prosperity that you aspire, but in shifting your language that you are worthy, that it is in your capacity to find a job, and are able to reach the prosperity you aim for, you make this possibility available for you.

When you find yourself stuck in something that preoccupies your mind, inspire yourself by:

  1. Writing down your intentions for the day. Put them in a language that inspires you to already experience what you desire.
  2. Look for inspiring quotes and affirmations that bring you in a space that opens up a new perspective.
  3. Have the courage to let go of your familiar stuff, and shift your attention to language that moves your world.

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Louis Koster.

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