Have you heard of the butterfly effect? It’s a theory of mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz that proposes a hurricane can develop from the slightest motion of the air, even caused by a butterfly flapping its wings a continent away. In his studies, Lorenz predicted that tiny variations in conditions can cause wildly divergent impacts down the road.

What an elegant expression of the oneness of the Universe… that a tiny insect might change a vast system of energy by its normal actions as it goes about its day…

Author Andy Andrews writes about applying this metaphor to our lives in his book The Butterfly Effect, using a real story to assert that each person’s choices and actions can have far-reaching and unanticipated impact. Each person is so important, and has more influence than they imagine.

Here are four more ways to explore this idea in your life:

1. Is the butterfly effect a call to align the lives we are living with our true inner selves? Each of us is unique, each a manifestation of the Universe with which we are seamlessly part. If we allow our true nature to metamorphose into what we were born to be, to move our wings not according to external expectations or self-critical demands but allow the wind to lift us where it wishes to take us, where might we go in harmony with all around us?

2. The butterfly effect is also a powerful metaphor for being present. Every conversation you have, every action or inaction, may change the world in an unimagined way.

3. It’s a lesson in the value of each person, in the incredible power inherent in each being, acting in wholeness with the Universe.

4. It’s an experience of sheer beauty that we may use like a lens to view our own lives. No matter what, we can pause, simply be present, and witness the life cycle of the butterfly. This earthbound caterpillar consumes what nature abundantly supplies, and so in time metamorphoses into the butterfly, into a fragile, magnificent creature of perhaps .3 grams who, so it seems, can impact an entire world. As can you?

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Photo: My Modern Met, Artist’s Mother Inspires Beautiful Butterfly Installation by Ambition Photography

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