Wherever you are on life’s journey, you’re bound to hit some rough patches on the road. As a physician, I constantly see people grasping for solutions. They try to solve their problems in many ways, including changing their lives, acquiring things, throwing themselves into their careers, or stockpiling material possessions. Or they may think that if they get rid of people or things in their lives, it will give them peace. Others try to suppress their feelings and pretend that they don’t exist. Usually, none of these solutions work. Paradoxically, the solutions we bring to our challenges often are our problems and keep us further stuck.

Resisting Gives a Horizon of the Way it Is

When you resist what is happening in your life it becomes the way it is, and you are now stuck with it. Resisting what you are present to in life gives a horizon of the way it is. A horizon of the way it is gives you a future of doom, and past of not being good enough. You have lost your capacity to manifest your life as your true intentions

You sabotage yourself at a fundamental level of integrity, when you resist what is happening in your life. You rob yourself from your most important asset, which is your presence.

A Commitment Being Happy, No Matter What!

If you want to start somewhere to bring your life back in alignment with your true nature, make a commitment to be happy, no matter what! This commitment will tell you what you need to discover about yourself to reclaim the true joy of being, and reclaim your presence in the face of your issues.

A commitment to be happy, no matter what allows you to radically change the view you have of yourself, which leads you to express yourself and experience life in a new way. It allows you to find that unique core within yourself and access it through your own language. This commitment brings you to a place of oneness of being, where you experience an authentic freedom to be, and your language communicates who you are. You no longer feel entrapped and say, “I can’t,” or “I’m not capable.” You say, “I can.” “I am capable.” “I do have the power to manifest life as I am.”

Allowing Gives back Your Voice in Life

When you trust life, and you hold life as fundamentally good, then this gives you the strength, the integrity and courage to allow for what you are experiencing in life, rather than resisting it.

Many people try to release themselves from their issues, but when they do, they unwittingly dig themselves into deeper, more treacherous holes. They make their problems worse. Sometimes what they felt was a solution was not, and instead, made their problems even worse. Here’s how it usually works. When they feel trapped, they work so hard to break free that it becomes their sole focus. The fact that they place all their attention on getting out of the trap feeds the problem, and the vice tightens.

Attention is a life-giving force. Whatever you focus your attention on gets energized, expands. When you put your attention on your problems, your problems actually get bigger―you get more of it.

In order to release yourself from your entrapment and experience an authentic freedom to be, the following three steps may prove helpful:

  • Allowing…Allowing for whatever you are experiencing (your resistance, and what you are not at peace with).
  • Understanding that nothing in existence is forever … Understanding that you may not have to be that way forever. “This shall also pass.”
  • Being able to be with people’s reactions … Being able to be with people’s reactions, able to “stand” it, and recognize that you are not going to die or fall apart, when you choose to allow for what you are resisting and what you are not at peace with.

Because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and also Bullying Prevention Awareness Month in the U.S., I’ve been looking at various dimensions of these issues. One theme that comes up often is how courageous people find ways to shift the attention that they place on an issue – like an illness or a bully – to ensure they are not fueling the dynamic.

Have you amplified any problems in your life by feeding them? I’d love to hear how a commitment to be happy, no matter what! is making a difference in your life – please share your comments.

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