It’s easy to make a commitment in our mind. We think, “Yes! Starting Monday I’m hitting the gym hard!” But when Monday rolls around what happens? We get sidetracked with the kids, work, friends or just life in general and before we know it Friday is here and we haven’t gone to the gym once. So we beat ourselves up and make that commitment again to go to the gym starting Monday.

It’s a vicious cycle of unhappiness. Just like trying to maintain our peace and serenity in traffic. Someone cuts us off, we’re running late, maybe the kids are fighting in the back seat. We start to think of that country song “Some Beach, somewhere…”

What I have learned is that I have to start my day with a commitment to be happy. I find a quite place and say, “I am committed to being happy, fulfilled and satisfied no matter what the circumstances of my life are.” And when I can do that I am much better prepared to face the world and its challenges.

I am much calmer and full of peace and serenity. I can face the world as a rational and kind person. And any time I feel that serenity slipping away I can simply find a quiet place, like my car and just remind myself that I have made a commitment to be happy.

Also when I get upset or worked up over something I often ask myself – “How important is it really? How big of deal is this in the grand scheme of things? Is it going to affect me a week from now? 30 days from now? A year from now?”

When I realized that this is just a minor speed bump in my day, not a sinkhole, it really puts things in perspective and lets me get back to a place of peace and happiness much faster than before.

But it all depends upon me and my commitment to a new attitude and a new way of living.

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