In 2008 I was faced with another financial crisis. I was living with my wife in Australia. The entire country was in a recession and like many others we were hit hard. At one point it was just a matter of days before we were out of money. There were moments where driving my car into a tree seemed like an attractive option.

Then one day, driving to work, I realized that I had a fundamental trust in life.

I realized that if I really trusted life, and believed that life was fundamentally good, I could then trust that what was occurring in my life was fundamentally good, although it may not have been what I wanted at that moment.

I knew that this personal and professional crisis could mean financial hardship and loss of reputation but the essence, the core being of who I am, would not die. I could always start over again.

I had a choice of how I could to react to this situation – curl up in a ball of defeat or face this hardship head on.

Since then, I have felt connected with a true sense of who I am. I realized that I had to choose to be happy, fulfilled and content, no matter what the circumstances of my life were.

I realized I had to change and grow in the midst of my daily challenges and difficulties instead of demanding that the challenges change to suit my own comfort level.

  • What has been your experience when it comes to dealing with challenges and difficulties?
  • Have you grown and adapted or fought to have the situations change to suit your comfort level?
  • Have you chosen acceptance?

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