“I realized that something had to shift in me to reclaim my life. So I made a plan to heal myself and get back on track.

I took a small room and lived alone. To avoid falling in a dark hole, I made sure to keep myself occupied. I decided to no longer allow myself to be immobilized in my present moments. I started by giving myself small, simple tasks. Then I took on more complex assignments.

I set out a plan to confront my fears.” ~ A New Language for Life: Happy No Matter What pg. 7

Undertaking a change or new way of life is never easy. When I made a choice to confront my fears of stammering I had no idea of what to expect or any idea of what I would encounter but I knew it was necessary for a successful life.

I knew it would be uncomfortable. I knew at times I would want to quit but I also knew that I had to stay disciplined and motivated if I wanted to make a change for the better.

What I learned in the process is: no matter how many times in the past I had been criticized and failed, once I made a choice to confront my fears I had a much higher chance of succeeding.

  • What kind of choices have you had to make in your life?
  • What were the outcomes both positive and negative?
  • How did you cope with the success and failure?

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