Have you ever used a pair of binoculars at a sporting event or bird watching? Did you have difficulties, such as seeing double images or fuzziness – or was your view clear?

A binocular is made from two perfectly aligned telescopes, each bringing a separate image into one of your eyes. Because each eye is in a different position, the image each gets is slightly different. The images come together in your brain to create a 3-D image. If you ever played with a View Master as a child, you recall the amazement of seeing images jump into life in 3-D, as two views of an image came together, to your sheer delight. Magic!

But what if you had your binoculars stored and shipped, or forgot them in the car where they were sat upon, or you loaned them to a careless friend who dropped them? One day, you pick up your binoculars and see double or burred images. You play with the focus, perhaps taking off your glasses and adjusting their placement on your nose. You squint, strain your eyes, clean the lens. You try and try. No luck. Your world is suddenly smaller – and distorted.

If your binoculars have been badly treated, dropped, or bumped, they are out alignment. The two telescopes no longer focus on precisely the same point. But often you can’t tell by looking. If they are only slightly misaligned, you may just have a sense of discomfort or uneasiness.

As we experience obstacles in our lives, sometimes we can’t tell by looking what the true issue is. We may have been mistreated, or mistreated our self. Our telescopes are out of alignment. Sometimes our core perception of what the real issues are have been distorted by the experience itself. So where to start?

To bring your life back in alignment with your true self, start by making a commitment to be happy, no matter what! This commitment will ground you in the present, giving you the basis for rediscovering what you know to be true about yourself. Start by focusing on one thing. Align one telescope, then adjust the other until you are again in full dimensional clarity. Reclaim your vision, your presence, your happiness.

What tells you that you may be out of alignment with your true self?

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