Dear Reader,

You wake up in the morning and you can’t quite wake up or feel good. It’s sort of like you’re stuck between dreaming, sleeping, and waking, and it’s causing an odd mood for you.

What do you do?

So what you’re saying is there is an awareness that you’re kind of in a dream state of your feelings, of what you’re experiencing, but still you are not clear how to get out of it.

This is a very, very interesting question. And I think that really goes to the heart of the matter of illusion can have a hold on us, and can grab us, in particular when we wake up in the morning. And I’m wondering how we can transcend that, how to be in a place that you can embrace the day as a great opportunity full of possibilities.

But there you are, you find yourself in this mood. So one of the things with that is that when you are in a place like that, it’s kind of like there is no outside to what you are experiencing. It’s just the way it is. And that’s part of the issue or the conundrum of this phenomena of an illusion. It has a hold on you, and there is an awareness that that is so, but it’s not clear, or you are not clear how you can step out of it. And that is the question.

So one of the features that comes with that when you are in a place like that, that is the only thing that there is. So there is a mood, and there’s nothing else than just that. You could say that what it actually points to is that there is a complete absence of an awareness of your true being. Whatever is there has kind of taken you over and you’re just not yourself. There is no awareness of your true self.

And so to keep that in mind with what I’m about to bring to awareness as a discovery is that, so again, when you have the courage to let be whatever is there for you, this experience of a mood with all of its sense of chaos, or you may have feelings that take you to places. So when you allow for that, and when you allow for the totality of that, what actually happens is that you then arrive in a place of undivided attention.

And that is very interesting. And it is a very powerful insight, that actually, this process of allowing has nothing to do with what you are experiencing. When you allow for whatever is there, in this case, that is this mood, in fact, what you’re doing is that you restore yourself to a place of undivided attention. You are just there. And is that what starts to arise is an awareness of being aware, because your attention is no longer divided. And when you have this awareness of yourself, of your true nature, then you stop identifying yourself with whatever is happening. That is the dream of the thinking. So that is the moment of waking up, but waking up to yourself. So the dreamer wakes up to himself, and thereby is waking up from the dream, that it was just a dream.

So that’s a moment where you kind of start taking whatever was there a moment ago less seriously. There is the recognition that, well, it’s kind of like a stepping back, but that is a description, but actually is happening is you become aware of yourself. You become aware of your true being. And with that, the spell of the dream is broken. So it’s very, very interesting. It’s a very powerful insight that this process of allowing, in fact, has got nothing to do with what you are experiencing. It has everything to do with where you then are located, in relationship to what you are considering, or what is in front of you, which is you bring yourself back to a place of undivided attention. And what comes with it is the awareness of being. You become aware of being aware. And with that, you restore yourself to natural. And you see the appearance of the thinking and what it creates, the mood, the feelings, being jerked around from whatever thoughts may invoke you. That’s brought to a standstill. It no longer has a hold on you.

So instead, what opens up is a new sense of freedom, like you are free to be. And with that, you can move on with your day. You can actually start a day, so to speak, afresh. But what it means is you can then start a day from a place of being yourself, and that’s full of possibility. And that’s basically what you want. You want to be freed up to undertake what really matters to you, and just have a wonderful day or have a day that’s an adventure, that is the expression of a possibility, just being alive and being yourself.

It’s sort of like it doesn’t really matter if it’s thoughts that are dominating when you wake up, or if it’s some sort of feelings or mood or emotions that are dominating. It’s the same thing. You treat it the same way.

If I understand your question correctly, it doesn’t matter what is there for you, but with all of that, and that is the nature of this world of appearance, that it kind of grabs us. So what is a feature that is common is that we tend to identify ourselves with whatever is arising. So basically we identify ourselves with the thinking. And part of what is called the cleverness of the mind or of this phenomena is that, once you find yourself in the middle of it, it is impossible to get out of it from being part of it. And so the only way, or what sets you free from this dynamic, from the appearance of the thinking, is to become aware of your true being. That is what has you have perspective.

And you see, well, it was just a thought, or it was just a mood, or you tend to be less preoccupied and engaging with it. And you stop giving it meaning. It has no meaning. It’s just what had a hold on you, for the simple reason that you identified yourself with it. And that spell is broken once you become aware of your true being. And that is the magic. That is your life. That is where you find yourself. Your freedom to be.

And it’s essentially, so when I wake up, no matter what’s going on, if I can allow it to be, whatever arises rises, that will give me the opportunity to fall into myself.

It is where there is the opportunity to be yourself.

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