All diseases are an expression of something that is not whole, something that is not flowing; something that is not in alignment with the integrity of oneness.

The way to deal with the manifestation of a disease, in particular when it is persisting, is to move away from it. What allows for healing is having an experience of something possible beyond the manifestation of what you are stuck with. What releases stuckness is having an experience of something possible, beyond the horizon of what is. The art of living is to move your attention away from what is that keeps you stuck in life.

Lao Tzu said: “In order to eliminate the negative influences, simply ignore them.” You could say: “In order to eliminate stuckness, simply ignore it and move away from it.”

This may occur as counter-intuitive to the way you have come to believe how to deal with your issues, in particular when they are persisting. We are educated in our Western culture to believe that the way to solve our issues is by focusing on the issue itself. How else would you deal with them?

We have come into a paradigm of thinking, where we believe that dealing with what is makes whole again. We believe that dealing with disease as our main focus makes us whole again and allows for healing. We have come into the erroneous belief that dealing with what is, sets us free again inside the possibility of oneness.

I am not speaking about acute severe debilitating diseases that need immediate attention. I am speaking about the manifestation of an illness that is persistent, and you seem to be stuck with and it is running your life.
You could say that the way to deal with stuckness, any stuckness, is by moving your attention away from it. It is coming to a place of oneness first that allows you to bring forth a new possibility in relationship to the issue, which displaces the stuckness, and restores you to the possibility of oneness.

Where there is stuckness, oneness is lost. Only in oneness, is there authentic healing. There is no healing, where oneness is lacking.

If you are overweight and you are committed to losing weight, creating a sense of wholeness first is what makes all the difference. Focusing on just losing weight is futile. Oneness leads to appropriate action. You are now naturally called to engage in actions that are wholesome. The stress you put upon yourself to lose weight is probably more harmful to your body than remaining in your state of being overweight.

Oneness is the sole governing agency of each cell in the body. Oneness calls forth possibility as a way of renewing itself beyond the stuckness. Oneness demands for all the elements to come together in harmony inside the possibility of oneness. Oneness aligns each cell of the body to come into manifestation inside of a new integrity. Oneness is a life force that makes whole again.

Returning to oneness allows for something else than the stuckness to come forth as a possibility, and thereby allows for healing. Returning to oneness allows you to create a possibility beyond the stuckness. Possibility only comes into presence when there is oneness that is not of the stuckness. Possibility is a way of oneness to renew itself beyond the stuckness inside a new integrity for life.

Oneness is a way of healing. Oneness allows for the manifestation of something that is not moving, something that is persisting, to be transformed inside the possibility of oneness. Oneness manifests healing.

A commitment to oneness is a statement to the universe that you are responsible for your life; that you are responsible for your wellbeing and that you are responsible for the integrity of your being. You are now at cause of your integrity of being, in the face of life changing circumstances, rather than being stuck with the way it is.

Healing is your body organizing itself inside of a new integrity of oneness. Healing is renewing at a new level of integrity. Healing is renewing in oneness.

Oneness is an ever-renewing integrity for life, where the elements that constitute oneness are ever-changing in their manifestation and interrelatedness; the same way your body works as a system; the same way fluids of different temperatures behave when they are brought together and settle at a new level of integrity.

Oneness transforms itself inside the integrity of oneness, which is what allows for growth, expansion and adjustment to the environment. This understanding captures the dynamic aspect of oneness and its changing elements that constitute it. Understanding the dynamic aspect of oneness is the difference between stagnation and growth. This understanding of yourself gives perspective and allows you to be at peace with life’s ever changing circumstances, knowing that you always will be one, and knowing that you always have the capacity to renew yourself at a new level of integrity. Now, life’s challenges no longer immobilize you. Now, you embrace life and you are no longer hesitant to the impermanency of life. Now, you are free to be, like the eagle is free to fly with the condor in the same sky.

Spiritual growth is settling into a new level of integrity. The way of life is coming into a new level of integrity of oneness inside the changing circumstances of your life. If you truly have grown in life, nothing is the same, everything has changed, and you have found harmony at a new level of integrity.

In oneness, you are at ease with life. In oneness, there is no room to be at dis-ease with life.

Healing occurs when there is a willingness to reach beyond the horizon of what is. Healing occurs when you move away from what is by creating a sense of wholeness first and allow for possibility to come forth displacing the stuckness in your life.

There is no healing, where oneness is lacking.

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