My wife Francesca has the gift of knowing, a highly tuned sense of things, which she has had all her life, but not always knew how to be with, or knew how to deal with in the middle of a busy life.

Two weeks ago, Francesca lost a tiny diamond that was part of a ring that was given to her as a gift by my mother when we got married. The diamond was not larger than a match head. The ring was part of our family tradition for many generations and was worn and passed down by women, who were each strong and had a presence. My great-great-great-grandmother was wearing the ring. Francesca woke up yesterday morning knowing that she would find the tiny diamond she lost two weeks ago.

She deliberately decided not to vacuum clean near the stove in the kitchen, and when she looked down, she saw something tiny glittering in the light. She found the diamond she had lost!

Suddenly, she was present to an incredible sense of connectedness; she was present to a profound sense of oneness. She was present to a guiding force that she could trust in life.

The diamond signified an alignment with life.

When Francesca now looks at the ring, she feels a presence; the presence and wisdom of our ancestors; the presence of knowing. When you are awakened to oneness, you are awakened to a knowing. In oneness, your ancestors speak to you. In oneness, there is a guiding force that you can trust. In oneness, you come into a knowing that you can trust and allow yourself to be guided by.

Now, you can be at peace with your sense of knowing. Now, you now act with more deliberateness. In this reality you are mindful. You are watchful for the “I” not to take possession, or claim what comes into knowing, and seduce you into self-importance.

I suggest that you trust yourself in oneness. I suggest that you trust when you know. I suggest that you listen to what your sense tells you. I suggest that you listen to yourself. I suggest that you listen to the oneness that you are.

Oneness brings you into knowing that you can trust.

I love you,


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