A new language for life is a conversation for ongoingly renewing yourself inside the possibility of oneness.

My wife and I have a busy life. Francesca has a tendency of not stopping in her daily activities.  She gets overwound and often feels exhausted. When I brought up the subject, she said: “Louis, I don’t have any time to take a break, or spend time on myself!”

Time as such does not exist.  There is no such thing as “not having enough time.” Time is a declared space that you dedicate to something that you are committed to, or find worthwhile. When we had a conversation about her concern for well-being, we came to the idea for Francesca to schedule time every day for an appointment with a very important person in her life, which is HER.  If you were to have an appointment with a very important person in your life, would you keep it? Of course!  She has now set aside one hour every day in the late afternoon to spend time to come to peace and wholeness.

I suggest that you create opportunities every day to renew yourself. Renewing yourself inside of oneness honors the integrity of being, and you are aligning yourself to the source of life. It allows for a silence and space to be present to life. It allows you to interrupt the noise of the “I” and be at peace with yourself.  It allows you to interrupt your day as business as usual. It allows you to reflect and letting be. It is an opportunity of letting go, and let oneness.

In your moment of silence, you have now entered the temple of being, where you are connected to the oneness of life. In the temple of being, you are present to a silence and oneness now comes into presence. The presence of oneness is what renews you in life. The presence of oneness awakes you to your senses. In oneness, you are relaxed, but alert. In oneness, you are in awe of life. In oneness, you are at peace with life.

Scheduling time to renew yourself inside of oneness is a deliberate act of kindness to yourself.

Renewing yourself inside of oneness renews you in life.

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