The other day, my day at work as a medical practitioner truly unfolded inside the presence of oneness. I started out the day by saying: “Who I am today is the presence of oneness.”

It was an awesome day.

It was just a joy to be present inside the possibility of oneness.

There was a flow to the unfolding of the day that was natural, energizing, and contributing.  People who walked into my medical practice were present to an excitement for life and an energy that was infectious.

The presence of oneness drew people in the waiting room to have conversations with each other that were contributing, light, celebrative of life and wholesome.

The presence of oneness is where true contribution occurs.

You realize that who you are as a presence of oneness is what makes a difference in the world.

Being the presence of oneness, you are always in a state of serving and giving. You recognize the presence of oneness as a peaceful place, where you are profoundly connected to people and to all of life.

The presence of oneness guides you in life. It guides you in what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.

It guides you in what has integrity with life and what has not. It guides you what to say, and what not to say.

It guides what comes into presence in conversations with people, and what does not.

In the presence of oneness, silence carves out what you see.

The presence of oneness guides you in the way life unfolds inside the possibility of oneness, and your actions are now appropriate.

The presence of oneness guides you in life.

I love you,


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