Sometimes in our best moments of inspiration, we do or say things that interrupt what we are present to and we wonder what happened. We spend a life time searching to regain this lost moment of presence.

For some of us, a presence lost is a paradise lost.  A lost presence can haunt someone for life.

Once, I lost presence of something I held as precious. I now know of 64,000 ways not to regain presence, like Edison knew 64,000 ways not to make a light bulb.

How do you come to lose presence of what was inspiring to you?

How come your efforts to regain presence of what inspired you, further remove you from what you treasure most?

When you are in the presence of something authentic or unique to your being, i.e. when you are inspired, either in your artistic expression, in your curiosity for life, in providing leadership, you are filled with a new excitement for life and you are filled with joy.

You are present to something new and extraordinary. What comes into presence is an expression of being one with life.

You are inspired in your sense of the possible and there are no boundaries to your sense of the possible. Life inspires you.

Then, in your moment of joy and new openness, when you are unprepared and least expect it, your attention is drawn to the “I” that is waiting on the side lines to lure you into its siren-song and tempts you to engage in an inner dialogue that leaves you with self-importance.

When “I” is present, presence is lost.

When “I” is present, art is turned into an experience of the artist, and creativity is lost.

When “I” is present, leadership is turned into an experience of the leader, and inspiration is lost.

The only way to regain presence is by letting go of the attachment to what you held as so precious.  By letting go of your attachments, being renews in being present.

This takes a lot of courage and trust in life, since you resist the notion of letting go and you are hesitant to surrender your attachments to the possibility of life.

Trusting the oneness of life and surrendering to the oneness of life, being is renewed in the eternal now, and the presence of life is returned to you.

In your willingness to lose everything, you gain everything.

Now, all things possible come to you.

Oneness allows for presence.

As a creative person; as someone who provides inspirational leadership, or as someone who lives an enlightened life, the art of living is knowing the tricks of the “I” that is always waiting on the side lines to seduce you into an experience of self-importance, at the expense of presence.

Interrupting the dance of “I,” by letting go of your attachments, renews you in being present and the oneness of life is returned to you.  Now, life comes into presence again.

Renewing yourself in being present, the presence of life is returned to you.

I love you,


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