Oneness is everything.

There is no oneness, where integrity is lacking.

Oneness unveils the integrity of life inside the circumstances of your life.

Oneness calls forth what is in reference to life, and what is not. Oneness calls forth what is in reverence for life, and what is not. 

Integrity as a way of oneness determines what you see and what you don’t see. Integrity determines what comes into presence and what does not come into presence.

Integrity determines what is real and what is not real.

Integrity is what moves and inspires the brush of language, for life to come forward on the canvas of your life.

Taking action on what the integrity of life informs you, you to come into the expression of oneness.

Ultimately, integrity is between you and God. You know in your being what has integrity and what has not.

You may find yourself at times in a situation, where you don’t know what to do, or how to proceed.

You may find yourself stuck in a job that works against you and you are wondering, whether to put up with it, or take the brave step to consider new possibilities.

You may either choose to stay in the job, stay with it, and take leadership in what makes a difference, or you may choose to decline to engage, and move on to a situation where you know there is an environment that actually supports who you are and has integrity.

Life ongoingly gives you opportunities to choose to arise to the occasion and take action.

Not taking action and keeping people engaged in the story of the way it is, is not going to make any difference. Taking action on what you believe has integrity, does make a difference.

This is where life offers you the opportunity to come into oneness and you are called to appropriate action.

Life gives you opportunities to either come forth inside of your commitment, or you choose to not take action and you are stuck with the way it is. Either way, you can’t get away with it, or escape the integrity of life.

When you dare to act on what has integrity for you, life will respond to you beyond your expectations.

When you trust life, and you dare to step into what is unknown and unfamiliar to you, the oneness of life responds to you in an uncommon way. Integrity as a way of oneness shows you the way.

The moment you step into courage, the path appears that brings you into the oneness of life. Unexpected new and exciting opportunities will now open up for you.

Listening to the call of integrity, and trusting the oneness of life, life responds in assisting you to come into your own greatness inside of new and exciting opportunities.

It is up to you, whether you listen to the call of integrity and you have the courage to act, or you listen to the siren-song of the “I” that always is out for comfort, and will do anything at the expense of being “to get away with it,” i.e. not take responsibility, or undermine integrity.

Integrity is, when you take the step and act on what feels wholesome to you.

Integrity is when you bring honor and grace to your life. It takes courage to trust the integrity of life.

The question is: “Are you going to “stick” with something for the comfort of what you know, or do you step into the possibility of life and be true to yourself?”

This is a cross road, where the choices you make determine any other future possibilities in the way your life manifests.

Integrity is, when you are willing to forgive and you make whole again. In true forgiving, you restore being to its full presence and the relationship is restored to the possibility of oneness.

Living the oneness of life allows you to be authentic to the possibility of what you are saying to people, and there is no hidden agenda.

Living the oneness of life, what you say is genuine to the possibility of what you are saying. You mean what you say. There is no room for manipulation and you no longer live your life inside of what you can get out of a person or a situation, or what you can get away with. Your language carries integrity.

Being one with the integrity of life is to experience life exactly the way it is.

Integrity is the ultimate place in life, where you are at peace with life and the oneness of life now comes into presence. In true integrity, you are present to a sense of wholeness, peace and harmony, regardless of the circumstances of your life. In true integrity, you don’t mind what happens.

Integrity ultimately is the way that raises the level of human consciousness to a new level of oneness, and for human beings to move forward in the evolution of mankind.

Integrity is the way of oneness.

I love you,


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