Sometimes the journey of oneness is interrupted and things happen in your life you believe are unwholesome or you consider that injustice is done to you by someone. In the evening, you notice that you turn and turn the situation over for yourself, wondering what you could have done differently. You are upset what someone may have done or said to you, or you are upset that you have been left with a situation that you now have to deal with. You feel displaced in your centeredness and sense of oneness.

Sometimes you feel like “sticking” it in to the person you perceive has wronged you, and allow for your anger to have a free ride. But then again, to what point? Would that really make a difference? It would just leave you being self-righteous about something you thought to be accurate. Who that person is and what that person does, really is between him or her and God. It has nothing to do with you.

You could ask yourself the question: “Am I willing to forgive?”  Am I willing to fully forgive?

A willingness to forgive is a monumental step. It is a willingness to forgive, i.e. a willingness to return to the original situation; a willingness to return to life before it was given to you as a gift and you started to engage with it.  A willingness to forgive, if embraced fully, brings into presence and allows you to see what you could take responsibility for. It allows you to identify what assumptions and expectations you brought to the original situation that set you up for a disappointment or an upset.

No one can lead you to a place of forgiveness; no one can bring you to forgive; no one can lead you to a place oneness. This is between you and God.

The only thing that matters in life is coming into a place of oneness, where you are free to be; where the possibility of the relationship is restored to the possibility of oneness, and you are restored to the possibility of being; where you allow for life to be, rather than for the “I” to present itself in resisting what is.

Forgiveness breaks the spell of entrapment that totally consumes your being at times. A willingness to forgive allows you to step through the looking-glass of “I,” and step into a place, where the oneness and wonder of life are restored to its full presence.

Forgiveness is the only avenue available to you to walk the path, where there is no path. Forgiveness is the only avenue available to you where you step out of the world of “I,” without making any reference to the world that you were part of, and you come into your own reference of life.  Forgiveness is the only way you can set yourself free from what blinds you to see what is possible. Forgiveness is the only way you can set yourself free from what confines you in life and from what you have inherited as a default language for life. Forgiveness is the only way that allows you to step out of the world where you are, and step into the possibility of being and discover a world beyond the horizon.

Forgiveness brings you back from the language of “I” that only wants to finger-point, blame, be self-righteous, or assign cause to your internal state, and you step into the language of “being,” that allows for the occurrence of life and you are present again to love and your relationships come alive again inside the possibility of oneness.

Forgiveness brings you to a place, where you are present again to being responsible for your experience of life, and allows you to identify the assumptions and expectations that you brought to the original situation.

Forgiveness allows you to be complete with a situation, or a person, without having to engage, or confront that person.  In forgiving, you set yourself and others free, and the world becomes less of a trigger to respond to, both for you and others.

Forgiveness is a gift to being. It is a gift to yourself and others, a gift to life. Forgiveness heals where the “I” separates you from yourself and life and allows you to be whole again. Forgiveness is what ultimately sets you free and sets you free to be again.

Forgiveness restores you to the possibility of being, and you are restored to the possibility of the relationship and to the oneness of life.

Now, you are present to life again. You are present to joy. You are present again to the unfolding of what is possible, being one with life. Life now shines on you in its full splendor.

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