When you live the possibility of A New Language for Life long enough, what comes into presence is oneness. Lifting the veil of “I,” you realize that you are the space of allowing and oneness, and what comes forth as an unexpected occurrence is the presence of oneness, which now becomes a guiding force and allows you to transcend your current reality.

The oneness of life comes to you when you step through the looking-glass of the world of “inside” and “outside,” where you strive to overcome your separateness to life, and you step into a world of “being,” where life comes into presence and you are awakened to the oneness of life. You realize that the search is not within, or without, but that paradise is where you are. You are a shepherd to your being, and the “I” is now at service of your being, not at the expense of your being.

In the space of oneness, you realize that happiness and a profound sense of peace come to you and find you in the oneness of your being. You realize that the secret to happiness is found in an awakening to your true nature.

The space of oneness is not a permanent state, but is a journey of spirit inside of what it is to be human. The space of oneness is unveiled to you inside of reminding yourself of your true nature in the face of your daily challenges.

Being gentle with yourself and others and in embracing your humanity, the oneness of life now comes into presence and life responds to you in an uncommon way.


Hi, Louis here, author of the inspiring book “A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What!” Click here to get a free download of the book. Thanks for checking out my blog posts. If you really want to test your spiritual beliefs, try being a medical doctor in war zones. I’ve been involved as a spiritual teacher, medical doctor and coach in the self-help industry for over 25 years and have developed a number of skills in helping people to awaken to their true nature and live inspired lives. Here Is Who I Am & What I Believe.

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