In the space of oneness, a profound sense of well-being comes to you and touches you as a healing presence. You are at a level of consciousness, where the energy of life touches you. Your cells are now bathed in an energy field that is of the same frequency and is harmonious. You are now in harmonious vibration with the source of life.

The presence of oneness and wholeness is a self-organizing force that adapts and organizes your body to potential harmful stimuli such that they are now no longer harmful to your body; a presence so powerful that it realigns your body to a new level of integrity. The presence of oneness organizes the human organism at a cellular and even genetic level to maintain the integrity of your body; a presence more powerful than your immune system alone; a healing presence that changes the energy field, not just for you, but also for others who are touched by your presence.

The presence of oneness is a sacred presence. It is a presence, where you are aligned and in touch with the source of life.

Have you ever wondered why people, who are in a peaceful place in life, seldom get sick? People who are fundamentally happy and content in life are less prone to attract diseases.

The presence of oneness manifests what you already are. Healing occurs when you already are in a space of wholeness. Healing occurs in a space of wholeness and oneness.

A new language for life calls for a new paradigm of healing, where the presence of oneness is the healing force that aligns the body to wholeness; a paradigm of healing, where the presence of oneness is recognized as the most effective way of disease prevention.

In a new language for life, you realize that true healing takes place when you are able to let go and you are willing to forgive; when you are willing to let go of the demands and attachments of “I” that takes you away from the oneness of being and oneness now touches you as a healing presence.

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