Focusing on being happy has numerous benefits. You’ll learn a lot about yourself.  You’ll learn what is in your nature to be happy and that happiness is your true nature. As you do, you’ll find your authentic core, which will enable you to be true to yourself. When you’re true to yourself, you will trust yourself and find peace and happiness.Six Benefits to Happiness, no Matter What!

You can either choose to be happy or choose unhappiness. The amount of work is the same!

When you make the commitment to being happy, no matter what the circumstances of your life are, it will give you many benefits.

Six Benefits to Making a Commitment to Being Happy No Matter, What!:

  1. It brings you in touch with your true nature
  2. It interrups engaging with your arising thoughts
  3. It gives you the capacity to allow and let be
  4. It lets you be content with whatever comes by itself
  5. You see the truth of what is
  6. You are energized in your sense of aliveness


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