Once the veil from your life is lifted, and the “I” has lost its hold on you to draw you into a space of separateness with life, you are present to what is and to life as it is. You are now present to a silence, where life is unveiled to you as it is, naturally. You are in a peaceful place. You are reminded of something that you have always known but have Awaken from Your Forgetfulnesssimply forgotten.

Life is really quite simple, and we tend to overcomplicate it.

You may then become fascinated with how the “I” distracts you, tempts you, tries to seduce you like a siren song, and draws your attention away from the space that you are and draws you to believe that you are the content of your life.

You can now see the “I” for what it is, and the “I” has now lost its hold on you as a clearing for life. You can now just let it be.

The “I” is only the “I” by name. “I” is not who you really are. You are much more than the “I” that you think you are. Once “I” has been revealed for what it is, life occurs differently.

You now realize that the quality of your life is not determined by what you have, by what you do, by how important you are, or by what other people think of you, but by your capacity to bring your sense of connectedness to the daily challenges in your life and maintain your sense of freedom to be.

You now realize that when you are restored to the oneness of life, all things will come to you.

In living a new language for life, you now come to a place where you are willing to let go of your investment in the “I” that has you be a certain way in the world, and you become present to who you really are, which leaves you with a profound sense a connectedness to life and with a freedom to be.

It is in this sense of connectedness to life, that true joy comes naturally to you.


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