In living the possibility of a new language for life, there may come a moment when you awaken from your forgetfulness and it dawns on you that who you really are is the space of being.Awaken from Your Forgetfulness

You realize that you are the space that holds the content of your life. It comes to you in a moment when you are talking about something, or you are lying on the beach, in the water, relaxing and being present to the silence where you are fully experiencing and enjoying life … and then suddenly, you are present to it. You get it. And when you get it, you get it.

You get that you are the space that holds the content of your life. You are the space of connectedness to life. You are the space of oneness. You are not the “I” that keeps you stuck in the content of your life and brings you in a space of separateness with life. It is an awareness that is very profound.

Realizing that you are the space of oneness, at the same time gives rise to a presence that is sacred. It gives rise to a presence of oneness. You now realize that you are this presence. You realize that who you really are is oneness. This changes everything. It changes the perspective with which you hold your life, and it changes the perspective that you bring to your life.

Once this is revealed to you, you can’t to go back. Your innocence is lost. You can’t throw what was hiding from you back in the river of forgetting. Nothing will be the same. It is a life-changing moment.


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