You now realize when you look at the circumstances of your life that they are purposeful and perfect. They show you where you are in life. They allow you to discover what is possible for you in expanding yourself in relationship to life.

Living a new language for life, you trust life, and you now fully embrace your life. You realize that you don’t always have to work it out. Your circumstances are there for a purpose.

When you allow yourself to be with what is unfolding as the circumstances of your life, no matter what they are, something gets revealed to you that may not always be obvious to you in the moment. In hindsight, you realize how much of a blessing that particular circumstance was in your life and how much you have grown and expanded your capacities to be. This expresses a true relationship to the universe, which is always expanding.

Sometimes the circumstances of your life are purposeful inside of the synchronicity of your life. You may be just driving your car, and you now realize that the little hesitation you had prior to leaving your house, where you were held up by someone asking you a frivolous question, meant you were minutes away from being involved in a car accident. This is the mystery of the universe, where coincidences express a synchronicity and you may never know the true unfolding of what might have happened. You are now grateful for the circumstances of your life—whatever they are—because they are purposeful.

You are present to a sense of peace. You are grounded inside of what is unfolding in your life. You now welcome and embrace the unfolding of life. You welcome the mystery of life. You are now purposeful inside of your commitment to life.

In a new language for life, your circumstances are purposeful in life.


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