On completion of the book A New Language for Life Happy No Matter What!, as I let go of my focus and intention to bring the book to a place where it became publishable, I was present to a silence.  Then strangely enough, I also became present to turmoil and a lot of noise.

I first resisted the turmoil and the noise of “I” that gave me all kinds of comments on things that I had ignored while being focused on writing the book. Sometimes the noise was ugly or invalidating.  My immediate response was to try to fix the noise, resist it and try to make it go away. I thought, “I am such a spiritual person, how come I am present to all this noise! These are not the thoughts of a spiritual person! I have been writing about all these inspiring spiritual things, and now I am caught in something that is going against what I was writing about!” Initially my tendency was to resist it, but I noticed to my own frustration that engaging with the noise took me further away from being present.

Then, at some point, rather than making the noise mean anything, or trying to fix it and resisting it, I decided to just let it to be. Then the most remarkable thing happened.  In letting the noise be, suddenly the noise disappeared as something that was having a hold on me!

You tend to resist the noise in your life, in particular when it sounds contradictory to what you believe or stand for. You somehow come to believe in your relationship to yourself that if you let the noise in your life be, i.e., give it the space to come to volume, it becomes part of us. You are afraid that you become what you hear. You are like a child, afraid of the dark and you become afraid of the silence, never knowing what it may reveal to you, may present to you, or what thoughts may arise inside of it.

You allow for the silence to come into presence only to a certain point in your life, because you don’t trust the silence. You have learned not to trust yourself. You resist what occurs in the silence, walk away from it, lock it up, or engage in actions that try to contain it. Where people make a wrong turn in their life is in somehow acting on the noise that they are present to, not realizing that this further separates and alienates them from life, making it difficult to find their way home again.

In living the possibility of a new language for life, you now trust life and you therefore trust the silence. You are no longer afraid of the dark, but now recognize the light that holds the darkness.

It is in the act of existential courage, where you let the noise in your life be, that at some point a shift occurs in your relationship to the noise. The shift is subtle, but it is the difference between freedom and slavery. The moment you have the courage to let the noise be, – whatever the noise is telling you, – there will come a point, where you recognize the silence as the space that holds the noise and suddenly the noise disappears as something that is having a hold on you. You recognize the silence as who you really are. You recognize that you are the silence that holds the noise.

This is where light is revealed to you that holds the darkness.

This is the biggest transformation you may come to experience and impacts significantly the quality of your life: Not to be afraid of the silence, but recognize the silence as who you really are. This is where you stop identifying yourself as the content of your life.  This is where freedom to be comes to you.

Your freedom is in coming to a place where you embrace the silence and you are at peace with the silence.  Locking up your demons ultimately does not set you free.

Your courage to be with the silence is where you find healing and expand your capacity to be with life.  Silence is where you learn to be compassionate. Silence is where you teach yourself not to mind what happens.

The gift of silence is what heals “being.” Silence allows you to embrace your humanity and bring forgiveness to those aspects of yourself that you find troublesome or unwholesome at times. Silence restores you to your connectedness to life.  Silence restores you to being present.

In a new language for life, you recognize the silence as the space that restores you to being present and to your connectedness to life.


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