I am not prone to bringing balance to my life. My wife reminded me of that. When I am focused on something, whether it is being engaged in humanitarian work, running a medical practice, or writing a book, as it has turned out, my tendency is to be focused and single-minded. I tend to forget what else is going on around me, and I tend to neglect other aspects of my life! Holidays are consumed by my focus in life, either on the computer or on the phone.

There is a place in life for single-mindedness, and it may have been appropriate at some point in my life to bring this approach to my life, but when the focus of life shifts towards being fulfilled and taking responsibility for my experience of life, it starts to occur as natural to bring balance to my participation in life.

In living the possibility of a new language for life, I noticed a transformation in my experience of life, where now it occurs as natural to me to bring integrity to my participation in all aspects of my life. I started to take responsibility for my wife having the experience of disharmony at times in our relationship, since I realized that I had left most of the care of the household and the education of our daughter, Carmen, to her. I took responsibility for her having that experience and started to give attention to some of the areas in my life that I was neglecting. We still have our individual tasks in our family, but we now support each other in our accountabilities. There is a sense of coordinated action in our family; we all pitch in and take care of what needs to happen in the household. It does not matter who does the dishes or brings in the wood for the fire or puts the garbage out, as long as it gets done. We are now all responsible for the way we relate to each other. This is our shared journey.

In the living the possibility of a new language for life, you now realize that balance allows you to experience the whole of your life in every aspect of your life. Balance provides you with a passage to being and gives you a profound sense of wholeness and well-being in whatever it is you do. Balance contributes to your life so that you are inspired continually, and you realize that you are more than what you thought you could be. Balance gives you a sense of wholeness of your being and the experience of fully participating in life. It is energizing. It is an amazing experience.

It now suddenly becomes important to bring integrity to your participation in all aspects of your life. You stop leaving things untidy. You clean up the mess where you left things undone. You make up a list of things you said you would do. You bring consistency in the way you are in the world. You bring integrity to your word. You may now be inclined to give some more attention to your finances, your health and well-being, your family, the domestic chores, and your relationships in life.

Balance is not something that you have one moment and then you don’t have to do anything about it. To keep and maintain balance as an ongoing part of your life, you are watchful of your space. You are watchful not to let the “I” consume you in any of the areas of your life, which distracts you from the essence and the pathway of life. Balance means that you bring consciousness and thoughtfulness to how your day unfolds, and inside of that you can modify and adjust the imbalances before they become an issue.

Bringing balance to your life does not mean giving up on something or for others to give you the space to do what you want to do. Balance means that you bring responsibility and the space of fulfilment to all areas of your life.

Suddenly you are present to your life. You are now an opening for life that is energizing and exhilarating. You are present to being. You have now become an opening for the possibility of a new language for life to inspire and shape your life freely. You are now in a place of openness to life, where life inspires you.

Since we brought balance to our lives, our life has become so much more wholesome. We are now present to the fact that we have an extraordinary life. We are lit up by life, and the experience of extraordinariness is not due to what we own or what we have. It is the balance and the integrity that we brought to our life that makes our life extraordinary.

You can feel it. It is energizing. I am exhausted at times, and yet I think, “Oh, isn’t this fantastic!” What is energizing is the harmony, like music that you hear in your life.

You are tapping into the life energy force. You are in harmony with life. You are in touch with your life force. It leaves you being energized by life. You are the energy of life. You are part of it. You become like a drop that is part of the ocean. You are inspired by life, being in touch with your life force.

You are not in opposition anymore. You are not going against yourself. You are in harmony with life. You are one with life.

Living a new language for life brings balance to your participation in life, and you are touched and energized by life. Balance brings a sense of wholeness to your life.


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