Sometimes you find yourself in a place of being desperate and consumed by worry. You may be worried about your finances, a decision about your career, or a relationship that is important in your life.

Living a new language for life, you now realize that when you are present to a concern and you are getting into it and let worry overcome you, it will only give you more of what you don’t want.

Living a new language for life, you now realize that the only way out is by trusting life and gathering the courage to step out of the language of “I” that keeps you trapped and distracted in worry, what-ifs, procrastination, and anxiety.

I am not saying that now you become naïve or careless or that you stop making responsible plans for the future. I am saying that in trusting life, you give yourself permission to let go of the hesitation, the worry, and the doubt, and you will notice that a serene peace will overcome you. You know that it is going to be all right, no matter what the outcome is.

Being in this place, you may gain a new perspective on the issue at hand, and you may start seeing things that you have not considered before. You may gain confidence to try out new ways to address your concerns and start creating a clear picture in your mind of what you would like to see happening in your life.

Stepping out of the matrix of “I,” you now are in a place where you are the cause of your life, rather than being the effect of your language for life. You are now in a place where life can respond to you and meet you in manifesting your intentions.

It is your job to overcome the hesitation, the doubt, and the worry—which all lives inside of the default language for life, the language of “I.” Letting go of the hesitation, the doubt, and the worry brings you to a place of openness, so that the universe can now respond to you.

Trusting life implies as well that you trust life for it to work out. This is where you find peace; this is where you allow life to unfold and you trust the unfolding of life.

Trusting life is a sacred place where you commune with the divine and where you are one with the divine source that created you.


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