When you find yourself freed up in life, you experience yourself profoundly related to people. You also naturally relate to the essence of people. Have you noticed, too, that when you feel free to be, you suddenly feel connected to people and you are generous and you would like to kiss everyone?

In transcending the language of “I,” you restore the space of being to the space of being related. Did you notice that when you forgive someone and let go of all the stuff that consumed you for such a long time, it frees you up to be? You feel inspired by life, and you experience more room to be. You also notice that you have restored the experience of being related with that person, which is a wholesome and joyful experience.

J. Krishnamurti said that “to be” is “to be related.”

In a new language for life, you move away from the “I” that separates you from life, and you experience being profoundly related to people. You discover that the space of being is identical to the space of being related.

You realize that when love is present, “being” and “being related” are identical.

Living a new language for life, you realize that “to be” is to be related, and the differences you used to perceive in relationships with people are now occurring as differences in appearances, not in essence. They no longer separate you from other people.

Greatness calls you to transcend the “I” and shift your perspective from the way people are to a profound experience of being related.

Now when you go shopping or visit a market, you realize that you are profoundly related to people, and this is what radiates around you. You are present to a joy and a lightness of being, and you are excited about life. This energy is effortless and infectious. You notice that people gravitate toward you because they like the energy.


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