In hard times it can be difficult to stay optimistic and keep the faith that everything is going to work out in the end. We all go through hard times and see it all – the good, bad and ugly.

During my time spent with Doctors without Borders I saw some of the most horrific scenes in war zones. I performed surgery in unthinkable conditions and often times my own life was put at risk to provide medical treatment to underprivileged families and children.

But I came through it and then experienced my own personal difficulties. And that is life. There is never a lack of challenges on the road to happiness. In 2002, after an unwise and unfortunate investment, I went bankrupt.

After a long and successful career as a doctor and independent consultant, I found myself applying for a position as CEO of one of the largest homeless shelter organizations in Los Angeles. Then the thought came to me, “if I don’t get the job I may soon have to utilize their services.”

The irony of the situation made me smile. I got the job.

Because I had made a commitment to happiness and a choice to be happy, it carried me through the rough times and gave me the strength to know that I would survive.

  • How have you coped with tough times and challenges along your road to happiness?

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